2.5 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day. To meet global demand, the coffee industry supplies the markets with 18,200 t of roasted coffee, which generates 10,250 t of CO2 emissions during the production process – every day – unless eco-friendly exhaust air treatment systems are used.


Developers and manufacturers of roasting machines have a responsibility for the environment and the world future generations will live in. This applies to us in particular as the market and technology leader. We imposed this responsibility on ourselves and have always taken it very seriously. Energy, the environment and safety – emissions of harmful substances, odours and noise correlate closely with roasters’ energy and safety performance. One thing is already clear: PROBAT roasters achieve top marks in all of these fields. The only way for a company’s research team to make significant progress which translates into products you can buy is for them to see eco-technology as a mission and take a proactive approach to their responsibility.