Flexible Individuality

for your special requirements

    Special two- and three-stage grinders up to 2,750 kg/h

The latest generation of special grinders with an innovative drive concept is equipped with a variable number of independently driven grinding gears for maximum flexibility during the ongoing process. To allow for even greater individuality, the rotational speeds of the special grinders independently driven rolls can be controlled separately to specifically influence the particle size distribution. These grinders therefore meet the most specific equirements for capsule-based products and ultrafine coffee grinds. In addition, the modular grinder concept allows the number of grinding stages to be selected which is best suited to the product specification.

The new PROBAT special grinders are in a class of their own, not only due to their standard features but also due to their functionality and the numerous available options. Thus, the motor-driven grinding gap adjustment with zero-point calibration guarantees a constant grinding gap and even compensates for roller wear. Coffee bean chaff can be effectively removed from the product flow using a suction system. In addition, a second outlet allows the discharge of non-densified coffee.


The special multistage grinders are available with grinding rolls in three lengths: 300, 600 and 900 mm.