The unique solution

PROBAT is the world’s only manufacturer of patented centrifugal roasting technology. The rotation on the vertical axis and the combination of roasting bowl and lamella ring ensure an especially homogeneous and gentle mixing of the roasting product. This enables the SATURN to deliver unmatched roasting performance in the medium roasting range. The numerous possibilities for making fine adjustments to the aroma, density and the extraction level of the roasted coffee, the rapid achievement of thermal equilibrium, and the gentle treatment of the product during the roasting process make the SATURN not only the perfect roaster for mass-produced coffee, but also for any product that simply has to be good. Regardless of which end product you use the SATURN for, the resulting excellent bean appearance will never fail to delight you. The SATURN boasts minimum heat loss, an especially energy-saving and environmentally friendly operation and automatic regulation of cooling times. The volume of air can be reduced to a minimum and the integrated roasting air recirculation ensures an optimum energy balance.