The special solution

This special roasting process requires particular capabilities and performance. Standard coffee roasters simply cannot cope with the beans’ tendency to clump, which results from the caramelisation process.

Torrefacto requires a special roasting solution that delivers a long operating life on the one hand, and particularly high product quality on the other. PROBAT CN roasters are not merely top-quality and extremely robust machines. The special design of the hot air system, the drum tilt mechanism and the cooling sieve configuration are particularly well suited to the requirements of torrefacto. This also includes extraction of the released gases during the emptying of the drum to avoid air contamination and sugar deposits in the building. Intensive air cooling after the roasting process helps to prevent the formation of clumps and an automatic cleaning system effectively removes any deposits. The roasting and cooling drums as well as the cooling sieve are easy to clean and the roaster offers ease of use that is unparalleled worldwide. PROBAT CN roasters are designed to use sugar as well as molasses. And last but not least, the CN roaster’s broad range of accessories provides you with maximum flexibility and product variety – because with this solution, you can adapt your roasting process to any product or recipe, and, of course, regular coffee too.