Probat employees donate to hospice association “Herzenswunsch Niederrhein”

Emmerich, Germany, February 2018: The Probat staff donates the proceeds of their tombola once again for a charitable purpose: 2000 euros will be donated to the hospice association Herzenswunsch Niederrhein e.V.

It has become a matter truly dear to the hearts of the Probat employees to collect donations for a charitable purpose once a year. Different local institutions and charitable associations were able to receive financial support from the Probat staff in the past. This year, the amount of 2000 euros which was gathered through an internal tombola will be donated to the hospice association Herzenswunsch Niederrhein, supporting the entirely voluntary work of the association.

Dr. Reinhold Kohls, initiator and co-founder of Herzenswunsch Niederrhein e.V., talks about an “alliance of good hearts” when he describes the people who meet in different constellations over and over again to fulfill the wishes of others who live with a life-shortening disease or severe disabilities. Fulfilling these people’s long-cherished dreams is the primary objective of the hospice association which is based in Kleve and whose work also includes relatives who are burdened by the illness of family members.

Paivi Strunk, representative for all Probat employees, and CEO Wim Abbing thanked Dr. Reinhold Kohls in a joint appointment for the outstanding efforts made by the association: “We are very glad to support the immensely important and, in this case, very special work of the hospice association and therefore to be indirectly involved in the fulfillment of long-cherished wishes.”