PROBAT introduces hydrogen-powered roaster and addresses industry drivers sustainability and digitalization at CONNECTING MARKETS 2022, once again turning the symposium into the place to be for the global coffee community

Emmerich, Germany, October 10, 2022: On September 21 and 22, PROBAT, the world market and technology leader in coffee processing plant and machinery, opened its new production facility at the company’s headquarters together with 300 coffee professionals from more than 40 countries. At the CONNECTING MARKETS symposium, the industry’s brightest minds gathered around the topics of sustainability and digitalization. At the event, PROBAT also presented its new hydrogen-powered shop roaster for the first time.

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Throughout the two-day convention, fully packed with insights, facts, and science, a very prominent lineup of speakers and panelists created many memorable moments. They illuminated the challenges of our time from a wide variety of perspectives and encouraged the audience to think and reflect. However, the presentation of the first hydrogen-powered P05 shop roaster along with guided tours of the next-generation production facility were certainly the highlights of the event.

Impassioned speeches by highly regarded voices of the coffee industry such as James Hoffmann, Vern Long, Darrin Daniel, Cristina Madriñán, Stephen Leighton, and Anne Cooper were accompanied by captivating panel discussions centering on the megatrends of digitalization and sustainability and in which way they interact.

For example, Carl Cervone from Enveritas and Raphael Studer from Algrano discussed new approaches to sustainability assurance and how power dynamics in the coffee supply chain can be balanced through smart technologies. Anders Nordquist from Arvid Nordquist and Johan Hintze from Kafeko Nordic used their own business models to explain how environmental investment and governance have propelled the Nordic countries to the top of sustainability rankings.

But CONNECTING MARKETS also provided a stage for disruptive approaches such as the idea of beanless coffee, explained in detail by Andy Kleitsch from Atomo, David Klingen from Northern Wonder, and Heiko Rischer from VTT. The coffee breaks between the individual sessions offered ample opportunity for an intensive follow-up in an exclusive atmosphere.

During the Experience Sessions—the supporting program of the symposium—the PROBAT specialists presented the roasting machine manufacturer’s latest groundbreaking solutions for smart and sustainable process optimization: The unveiling of the first hydrogen-powered P05 shop roaster attracted by far the greatest attention and triggered enthusiastic reactions, as visitors were able to see for themselves that coffee roasted with hydrogen, which was served throughout the whole event, tastes just like coffee traditionally roasted with gas or electricity. And the adaptation for industrial roasting machines is currently under development: a real chance to decarbonize the coffee industry!

The CONNECTING MARKETS symposium was once more moderated by the founder of Standart magazine Michal Molčan, but this time in tandem with PROBAT shop roaster trainer Daniela Nowitzki, who together captivated the audience with a witty and emotionally charged performance.

In his closing address, PROBAT CEO & President Wim Abbing expressed his gratitude to the speakers, panelists, and the audience for their participation in this two-day gathering of the global coffee sector: “I feel honored that nearly all of you went on that very long trip to this small town on the river Rhine to share industry insights, to inspire and be inspired. Emmerich is certainly no metropolis. During these two days, though, once again our guests have turned it into the think tank of the coffee world. Thank you very much for coming.”

The videos of all speeches and panel discussions are available on the PROBAT YouTube channel.