PROBAT donates protective face masks to SOS Children’s Village Lower Rhine

PROBAT, the world market and technology leader for coffee processing plants and machinery, donates 500 face masks for the protection against the coronavirus to SOS Children’s Villages Lower Rhine.

PROBAT CEO Wim Abbing (left) hands the protective face masks to Peter Schönrock (Head of the SOS Children’s Village Lower Rhine) and Katrin Wißen (spokeswoman SOS Children’s Village Lower Rhine)

For PROBAT, partnerships play an essential role within the framework of their own corporate identity. This not only applies to customer relations, but also to bonds with associations and institutions. For more than a year now, PROBAT maintains a close partnership with the SOS Children’s Village Lower Rhine.

As an institution for children and youth welfare, the SOS Children’s Village Lower Rhine pertains to the so-called critical infrastructure whith an important societal functional capability, which must be maintained under all circumstances. The direct relation to  children, adolescents, families and those seeking advice is a vital part of the educational mission of the SOS Children‘s Village Lower Rhine. To prevent any restrictions during daily work and to contain the further spread of the highly contagious coronavirus, PROBAT provides the SOS Children’s Village Lower Rhine with 500 protective masks for nose and mouth.

During a short meeting on the PROBAT company premises, CEO Wim Abbing handed the face masks to Peter Schönrock, head of the SOS Children’s Village Lower Rhine, while keeping the mandatory minimum safety distance: “Especially in difficult times like the ones we are facing right now due to the corona pandemic, it is of utmost impotance, that partners support each other. People-to-people contacts are inevitable for the work of the SOS Children’s Village Lower Rhine. Therefore we are happy to provide the institution with protective gear to enable them to observe necessary hygienic measures.”

Peter Schönrock is also very pleased about PROBAT’s straightforward help: “This donation puts us into the position to equip the children and adolescents we care for, the educational and service staff as well as the future participants in vocational trainings with the needed protective face masks.”