Fully automatic management and monitoring system

The fully automatic PC-based operating station PILOT ROASTER manages and monitors your roasting machine.

It displays all actual and target temperatures as well as a broad range of other relevant parameters on its display screen. Automatic start-up and shutdown reduces operating complexity at the start and finish of production sequences. To improve the operator’s overview, the dialogue control, error messages and the process scheme are displayed on different sections of the screen. The roasting process is visualised by means of a product temperature curve. The data from the coffee batches produced is saved and can be retrieved and evaluated as required. A history database enables end-to-end documentation of the production process. To set up the machine for various roasting products, a comprehensive recipe administration function featuring freely definable recipes is available. This ensures that the machine can easily be adjusted to process various roast products and provides you with unprecedented flexibility.
An additional reflection control module allows automatic reproduction of product temperature curves, meaning that these only need to be defined once. Actual and target temperatures are permanently compared. Any deviations are dealt with by a control system that automatically adjusts the roasting air supply temperature and quantity. This minimises the possible effects of external factors on the roasting processes, such as batch size, green coffee moisture levels or temperature.