The P series – a brand new generation of shop roasters

Flexible All-Rounders

A wide range of variants with proven, advanced technology. The PROBAT shop roasters use specially developed shovel mechanisms in all machine sizes to move the beans in the drum. This guarantees the best-possible mixing at a set rotation speed. Inside the roaster, the beans move along precisely defined paths. A controlled flow of hot air roasts the beans via convection with minimum drum contact. This results in a highly consistent roast and a uniform bean pattern.

Iconic Design

The outer appearance of the new P series picks up the iconic PROBAT design while topping it off with further creative highlights and customization options to make it even more unique. The familiar silhouette of the roasting machine was consistently enhanced, now adding that extra fine touch to what was already classy before.

To meet individual preferences, the roasting machine body of all P series shop roasters may be painted in any RAL color. These can be smoothly matched with the appropriate hood and various individually customizable front design parts.


The HMI of the completely new web-based control system of the P series is clearly visualized in full scope via an adjustable capacitive 15.6” touch screen. All roasters can be optionally equipped with additional sensors for the generation of further machine and process related data. The visionary integrated control system offers many more benefits:

  • recipe management with any number of user-definable recipes – all stored settings can be safely and automatically reproduced
  •  addition of events either during or after the roasting process
  •  safe transfer of recipes to other roasters while maintaining reproducibility
  •  control of several roasters via one surface
  • connection of the control to any mobile device, regardless of the operating system (recommended display size > 9.7”)  
  • individually grouped dashboard

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