The machine for Individualists

The roasters in the UG series brilliantly combine advanced technology with an attractive, retro design that takes you back to a different era of coffee roasting. Our UG15 and UG22 roasters are made by hand by our subsidiary KIRSCH + MAUSSER. They are seen by coffee roasters as machines for individualists who place special demands on their roasted products.

Benefits for your Coffee



Extremely flexible and fully adjustable

  • Fully adjustable burner power
  • Greater power and flexibility for the roasting process
  • Advanced safety technology, including gas and flame supervision
  • Designed for natural or liquefied gas, depending on customer needs

Optional: manual control via touch panel

  • Temperature display shows details on roasting air inflow, product, roasting exhaust air
  • Graphic temperature display on the touch panel
  • Burner control:
    • Burner power selected manually or automatically from recipe
    • Automatic heater disconnection once required end temperature is reached
    • Automatic safety disconnection of the burner once limit temperature is reached
    • Can save recipes
Roasting cyclone

For individual settings

  • Roaster fan above the cyclone ensures greater separation
  • Large silver skin collecting bin with rollers
  • Manual emergency water quenching available for collecting bin
Roaster fan

Powerful discharge

  • Roaster fan with greater power
  • Frequency converter already in the basic version
  • Suitable for the discharge of an exhaust gas treatment



Contact Kirsch & Mausser


Robert Heisterkamp
General Manager
Phone: +49 2822 97660-10


Manfred Wurring
Engineering / Sales UG & G series
Phone: +49 2822 97660-11


Jörg Vogel
Technical Support / Sales UG & G series
Phone: +49 2822 97660-18




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