Cutting energy costs – boosting performance

Turning great visions into successful concepts and transforming bright ideas into revolutionary solutions – we have always developed high-quality products with added value. Our green coffee preheating system is one such product. It is the key to highly efficient production and our answer to the question of how energy costs can be slashed at the same time as boosting processing performance – while reducing the environmental impact and, above all, without compromising on roasting results. Our green coffee preheating system makes a huge difference of up to 25% in each case.


The exhaust air produced during roasting can reach temperatures of up to 850 °C. This energy usually escapes into the atmosphere unused. Our green coffee preheating system feeds the cleaned exhaust air into a separate preheating reservoir, where the coffee is heated to approx. 100 °C while it is stirred mechanically by a shovel mechanism. At this temperature, the coffee is merely dried – no chemical reactions take place inside the bean. It acquires its flavour in the roasting machine in exactly the same way as it would if the green coffee had not been preheated.