... because we love drinking coffee.

Put a little coffee powder in a cup, pour on boiling water and leave it to settle. The connoisseur is welcomed by an aroma full of promise intimating the prospect of a persuasive experience for the palate. After a short pause full of expectation, there follows that all-important first sip that decides whether the coffee earns the expert’s favour.


With a tradition that spans over 300 years, this is the long-standing and authentic way to savour coffee and essentially the basis of standard practice to this day. Because although pod and capsule-based coffee products are currently very popular and will continue to be so in the future, the vast majority of coffee consumed worldwide is still sourced from the mass market of ground coffee for filter preparation. And coffee tastings to analyse aroma and flavour likewise still adhere to the traditional methods of preparing coffee.


Choosing the right, consistent coffee grind influences not only the sensory result and therefore the consummate enjoyment of the coffee, but also the quality and homogeneity of the ground coffee in industrial production. What’s more, the grinder has a major part to play in the reproducibility of a product. The grinding process should treat the product and its delicate aromas carefully and ensure low ground coffee temperatures. Our expertise in grinding rests on solid foundations – namely our love of coffee, our 140+ years of mechanical engineering and equipment manufacture, and decades of development work in conjunction with our international customers. These are the mainstays of our roaster solutions expertise, which is unique in the world, and the basis of our top-class grinding solutions, which have been installed more than 1,000 times worldwide.