The PROBAT RC continuous roaster

The consistent solution

DasThe PROBAT RC’s continuous roasting process delivers excellent consistency of performance at high throughput rates and over a broad range of roasting times.

This machine continuously feeds large quantities of coffee (up to 4,000 kg/h) in small batches through a sophisticated system of chambers in the roasting drum. This allows an efficient product change without any need to stop the roasting process. Green coffees with a greater tendency for breakage can be processed easily. The process is ideal for roasteries that roast similar products over longer runs. The heat transfer is achieved almost exclusively via convection. The hot air is blown into the individual chambers via nozzles and, in combination with the rotation of the drum, ensures that the roasting product is mixed thoroughly. Dust and chaff separation is achieved by using a cyclone. The robust construction, the optimum design of the components and the high quality of the machine significantly reduce life cycle costs. In addition, the cutting-edge burner technology, the special casing insulation and the ideal energy values achieved by recirculating roast gases make the RC an extremely economical solution. And yet another plus: thanks to its continuous operation, the level of exhaust gas remains constant thus avoiding the pollutant emission peaks seen in batch roasting operation. This enables the exhaust gas treatment systems to be optimally adjusted and to be operated at lower power levels – excellent performance without skimping on environmental compatibility.