Tailored to the best roasters and grinders

Top-quality key components for coffee production can only perform optimally if the overall concept for the processing plant is geared towards them. From green coffee receipt to packing and from feeding to roasting then grinding, the processes should not be viewed as different steps but as a continuous operation. In this context, it is crucial that the infrastructure delivers consistent process quality – whatever size the roasting plant is. A good plant operates efficiently, smoothly and faultlessly, without bottlenecks or delays. It takes into account cycle times , transport lengths and peripheral processing. Everything is aimed at optimising the production process.


Our experienced engineers plan roasting plants of all sizes, for all requirements and for all sorts of products. We can design the kind of plant you envisage, ensuring that it delivers a process-optimised performance which is tailored to your needs. We are happy to share our planning expertise and act as a capable peer adviser when it comes to producing a customised solution for you. Last but not least, comprehensive planning documentation – even before you place an order – gives you a very good idea of the level of investment you can expect. Of course, these services are provided free of charge when you order a plant from us.