P12e: PROBAT continues to drive electrical roasting forward

Emmerich, Germany, January 19, 2023: PROBAT takes the next step toward electrifying its shop roaster portfolio and releases the P12e. Like the P05e and the electrically powered P01, the latest addition to the P series also features groundbreaking electrical heating technology, allowing for the same flexibility as a gas burner. The environmentally friendly P12e is available for quotes effective from now.

There are areas where the utilization of gas is no option for safety reasons. Also, coffee roasters' needs have changed over time, and especially environmental issues have become more and more of a focus within the coffee industry. However, the demand for consistent and reproducible roasting results has remained the same around the globe. PROBAT has equipped its shop roasters with a unique electrical hot-air technology that meets these requirements in equal measure: When using electricity for the roasting process, less harmful emissions are set free. Secondly, the built-in hot air blower reacts as immediately as a gas burner without any delay in response time: It neither needs any time to cool down nor to heat up, like traditional heating elements, which are rather sluggish in this respect.

PROBAT Research Engineer Dietmar Wissen explains why the company’s experts never tire of emphasizing the advantages of this electrical heating technology: “In parts of the coffee industry claims are circulating about the inflexibility of electrical heating in roasting machines. The point is that you must differentiate between the heating technology deployed in each case. The heating device used by PROBAT behaves like a hair dryer. When you turn it on, it produces hot air without delay. Conversely, the hot air supply is interrupted as soon as you turn it off. That makes it extremely flexible.”

The P12e ‒ featuring a nominal roasting capacity of 40kg/h – provides further proof that roasting results from electrically powered roasters are as consistent and reproducible as those achieved with gas-powered machines. What's more, electrically powered roasters offer a real chance for the decarbonization of the coffee industry, in particular by using green energy.

Quotation requests for the P12e are possible as of now.

If you want to learn more about the unique hot-air technology of the P series roasters, check out thePOP UP session on the PROBAT YouTube channel.

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