The flexible solution

Our tangential roasting solution JUPITER is a one of a kind worldwide as it is able to optimally roast the roasting product in the minimum time – regardless of the green coffee quality. The combination of controlled roast supply air and the mechanically moved coffee beans ensures an ideal temperature transfer between the bean surface and the bean interior. Not only that, it delivers maximum colour and moisture consistency. Its amazing range of possible roasting times, its extreme flexibility and not least its robust construction make the JUPITER an unmatched allround roaster. Regardless of the coffee variety or blend, the JUPITER can roast to the desired profile. The fully enclosed roasting bin ensures that even the processing of difficult products can be achieved with maximum reproducibility. Its finely dosed water addition ensures a precisely controllable termination of the roasting process and a pre-cooling of the coffee. JUPITER not only provides you with incomparable product diversity, but also stable and reliable roasting from the word go.