The future of successful industrial coffee handling is based on people’s ability to leverage the information they create and collect during production. With Fabscale – founded by PROBAT and software specialist Cropster – machine and plant management at every level can make instantaneous decisions based on accurate real-time information, which results in increased productivity and reproducibility as well as higher quality regarding both the product and the whole process. With the decision to jointly invest in Fabscale, the two companies provide the perfect breeding ground for the ongoing development of smart digital solutions across the entire coffee value chain.


Fabscale develops business intelligence solutions for the coffee industry. The company provides simple tools that help roasting companies understand and improve their entire coffee production processes and all the information they provide. At the heart of Fabscale is a preset KPI dashboard that clearly displays useful data about the entire roasting process. Users can gather and compare the information they need for their daily work at a glance. With just a single click, the tool generates detailed reports on recorded performance and production data. The most complex analyses can be performed easily and smoothly. In addition to developing a powerful dashboard, Fabscale is continuously working on programming additional modules that will make the entire roasting operation smarter. The cloud-based software is time and location independent and enables the comparison of real-time data between roasters and production sites worldwide.


Precise, real-time information ensures increased productivity and reproducibility as well as overall enhanced product and process quality.


In-depth reporting functionality and comparison of real-time data across roasters and production sites worldwide ensure maximum efficiency.




Fully customizable dashboards ensure maximum flexibility in process mapping.




Gökhan Adamhanoglu
General Manager Fabscale 
Phone: +43 660 1145 258

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