Within the framework of its overall corporate responsibility, PROBAT has teamed up with a select number of partners who share one common goal: the creation of long-term social and economical sustainability.

PROBAT is an internationally operating company whose employees cannot completely do without travelling. The presence of the PROBAT specialists on site for construction, commissioning and maintenance work of the complex plants and machines is inevitable, and the subtle issues of the coffee industry quite often require  joint and face-to-face consultations. PROBAT, however, is fully aware of its environmental responsibility and therefore has been compensating for its air travel since 2020. With atmosfair, PROBAT has found a partner, that supports the company in compensating the unavoidable CO2 emissions caused by business travels.



Together with ClimatePartner, we regularly calculate the Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF), the CO2 footprint of our company. The calculation takes into account all the emissions we cause as a company. The detailed analysis of our CCF, which we have been conducting since 2020, clearly shows the potential for further CO2 reductions, for example in the areas of energy and mobility. We systematically offset emissions by supporting selected, internationally recognized climate protection projects from the ClimatePartner portfolio.



Helping to determine some of the world’s best coffees, the Cup of Excellence is a program that gives out the most prestigious award in coffee and has improved the lives of thousands of farmers. The program’s unmatched focus on quality discovery, farmer premiums and transparency has changed the specialty coffee industry. PROBAT provides Cup of Excellence with the right roasting technology in their quest for the world’s best coffees while strongly supporting the endeavour to enhance the lifelihoods of farmers in the origin.



The German Roasters Guild is the only lobby group of the specialty coffee roasters in the German-speaking area. As sponsoring member PROBAT supports the sector of artisan coffee roasting and the constant knowledge exchange within the community of specialty coffee roasters.



Coffee ist the second most traded commodity and Germany is the third largest coffee market. The German Coffee Association unites the German coffee industry and advocates a positive environment within the coffee sector. As a presidium member, PROBAT actively contributes to the work of the German Coffee Association.


The NCA is one of the oldest trade associations in the USA. Founded in 1911 it has been representing the U.S. coffee industry from crop to cup ever since. PROBAT and NCA have teamed up in order to support the coffee industry through sharing combined knowledge with its stakeholders.

Happiness means having a family which cares for you. SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. is a charity organization which operates in Germany and the world and helps distressed children, adolescents and families in many ways. PROBAT supports the work of SOS-Kinderdorf in its endeavor to strengthen young people, and to give them hope and a future. The company specifically sponsors  educational and other charitable projects in the Lower Rhine area.



The Specialty Coffee Association acts as a unifying force within the global specialty coffee industry.  is built on foundations of openness, inclusivity and the power of shared knowledge. The In joint efforts with the SCA, PROBAT strives for creating a circle of like-minded coffee professionals.


Since the foundation of the UC Davis Coffee Center, the Californian university has been striving to become the leading source of scientific expertise in the study of coffee. Through various research projects PROBAT actively supports this academic approach to the world’s second most traded commodity.

Climate change, low yields, diseases & pests and barriers to quality – These are the major threats tot he livelihoods of coffee farmers and the businesses who rely on them to grow great coffee. Probat supports the strong efforts of WCR to solve these complex problems through  collaborative scientific research and development.



On an almost daily basis, the media now report on targeted attacks on IT systems ‒ so-called cyberattacks. Companies are also affected by this, often with serious consequences such as production or operational downtime. PROBAT is therefore continuously expanding its security competencies. As a participant of the Alliance for Cyber Security launched by the German Federal Office for Information Security, the company is always informed about possible cyber risks and regularly adapts the implemented protective measures to the increasingly sophisticated attack methods.