During the coffee roasting process, many physical and chemical reactions take place simultaneously, which have a significant influence on, among other things, the aroma, the colour of the coffee beans and ultimately the taste. Usually, the roasting process is controlled as a function of product temperature and time and is terminated when a predefined target product temperature is reached. However, this product temperature is a mixed temperature consisting of product and supply air temperature as well as radiant heat resulting from the wall temperature of the roasting chamber. In order to even better control the roasting process, PROBAT has developed Colour Control, a measuring system that detects the colour value of the coffee beans instead of the product temperature. With this new colour measurement technology, it is now possible to determine a colour value or continuous colour curve throughout the roasting process, thus making reproducibility of the quality and desired taste even more consistently.


Colour Control continuously detects the colour value curve during the entire roasting process. When a predefined colour value is reached, the roasting process is automatically terminated, irrespective of the influencing factors relevant to product temperature measurement. To this end, a sensor that is installed inside the roasting chamber measures the radiation, that is reflected by the beans within the near infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum, converting it into signals. A fibre optic cable transmits these signals to the measuring unit which is integrated into the roaster or plant control system. At a specific preset colour value the roasting process is automatically stopped by the system. This groundbreaking quality control system reduces external influences, that occur in product temperature measurement to a minimum, thus greatly enhancing reproducibility of the roasting results.



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