We offer training and examinations for the following modules of the SCA Coffee Skills Program (CSP):

Introduction to coffee

The ideal course for anyone new to the coffee industry or just interested in coffee. Learn about its origins and what it means today. You will get an overview of the value chain from growing the cherries, sorting, and roasting to preparation and tasting.

Green Coffee (Foundation and Intermediate)

Get to know any aspect of green coffee consumption. Course participants will learn about the supply chain from seed to cup, including growing, harvesting, processing, drying, shipping, storage, and delivery. Also covered are the basics of coffee contracts and portfolio management.

Roasting (Foundation, Intermediate and Professional)

This course will provide participants with an understanding of the roasting process and profile development, including roasting cycle, roasting degree, identification of defects, and the physical changes that beans undergo during the roasting process.

Sensory (Foundation, Intermediate and Professional)

Kursteilnehmer lernen auf praktische und interaktive Weise die sensorische Bewertung von Kaffee. Darüber hinaus gibt der Kurs Einblicke in die Identifizierung von Kaffeespezialitäten und wie diese im Geschäftsbetrieb umgesetzt werden können.