Is there anything you ever wanted to ask Daniela about your coffee roasting process? You feel there is something wrong with the coffee you roast, the roasting profile or else and you can’t find the answer yourself? You use a P series roasting machine and need specific support with your control solution? You are not sure whether you use the right green coffee for the required taste in the first place? Or maybe you are new to the world of coffee and would simply like to be guided through your first roasting steps? No problem, just ask Daniela.

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Daniela Nowitzki
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Daniela Nowitzki is the head trainer at the PROBAT shop roaster training center in Emmerich. In the early 2000s she started her career at the roasting machine manufacturer and now looks back on almost two decades of experience in organising and conducting internal and external coffee training courses. In her time as a trainer she has gained extensive knowledge in the fields of green coffee, quality control, cup tasting, sensory and – of course – roasting, as well as in optimising roasting machines and profiles. Counting among the main cast of the PROBAT POP UP Series, Daniela regularly shares her extensive knowledge with coffee enthusiasts from all over the world.

Daniela is member of the Roasters Guild and the SCA. In the year 2013 she won the ‘SCAE Award for Excellence – Passionate Educator’.

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