PROBAT is an internationally operating company whose employees cannot completely do without travelling. The size and complexity of the plants and machines, require the presence of the PROBAT specialists on site for construction, commissioning and maintenance work. In addition, the subtle issues of the coffee industry often require  joint and face-to-face consultations, which is why contact with customers is always remarkably close. PROBAT, however, is fully aware of its environmental responsibility and therefore has been compensating for its air travel since 2020.

With atmosfair, PROBAT has found a partner, that supports the company in compensating the unavoidable CO2 emissions caused by business travels.

Currently, PROBAT supports the following project of atmosfair:

Biogas from cow dung in Nepal

"Currently, the partners of atmosfair are building biogas plants for farming families in rural Nepal. The plants are operated with cow dung: two cows are enough to supply a farm with biogas around the clock. The gas is led directly into the kitchen from the plant and can also be used for lamps and heating. Since the earthquake in 2015, atmosfair has also been using the money to repair destroyed biogas plants.”

Atmosfair climate protection project Nepal​​​​​​​