Since 1996, ISO 14001 has served as a worldwide recognized standard for environmental management systems, encompassing all elements of environmental performance improvement. The overall purpose of the ISO 14001 certification is to promote environmental protection, reduce environmental impact, and correctly implement environmental goals based on economic, social, and political considerations. Approximately 300,000 firms and organizations of all sizes and sectors worldwide and 8,000 businesses in Germany are ISO 14001 certified according to the Federal Environment Agency – one of them being PROBAT.

PROBAT received the ISO 14001 certification as a consequence of its numerous dedications made to economic, social, and ecologic sustainability. PROBAT’s actions can be viewed in the other sections of the sustainability area on the website.

With the certification, PROBAT engages in the following binding commitments:

  • compliance and fulfillment of contractual obligations
  • legal compliance
  • compliance with licensing requirements
  • market-leading position
  • operational excellence
  • innovative product development


To conform with these commitments and to fulfill the purpose of the ISO 14001 at its best, PROBAT will take further meaningful steps in the future. As the world market and technology leader in coffee processing technology, we bear a huge responsibility to also be at the forefront when it comes to the responsible use of exhaustible resources and maximum reduction of harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide. For this reason, PROBAT is currently working on a group-wide carbon footprint calculation to derive subsequent reduction, avoidance, and compensation measures. Furthermore, PROBAT develops a restructuring plan for its facilities which includes the renewal of the facades and the heating systems to use resources efficiently and responsibly. For PROBAT the ultimate goal is to not only compensate for emissions but to reduce our emissions to zero – to achieve CO2 neutrality.