The aim of the project PROBAT GO is the revitalization and new construction of the production and logistics halls at the Emmerich site on the basis of a sustainable factory concept. As a guarantee for the successful future market cultivation, PROBAT GO is an important pillar of the overarching corporate strategy. Moreover, the start of the project, especially in a time of crisis such as the one caused by the Corona virus, not only sends very special signals to the global coffee industry, but also underlines PROBAT's market-leading position within the industry.

On September 25, 2020 the cornerstone ceremony of PROBAT GO took place in the innermost circle of PROBAT shareholders, the Advisory Board and the Executive Vice Presidents while adhering to strict hygiene measures.


In all measures carried out in this context, the focus is on the requirement of an economically, ecologically, and socially oriented "manufacturing of the future". A process-oriented factory design with optimum arrangement of the production and organizational areas distinguishes the PROBAT future factory. The design of the production process is to be optimised as a whole through the more efficient use of decisive production factors. A clear routing, directed material flows, and modular production structures reflect the focus on increased value creation. Potential expansion areas and changeable structures facilitate future growth.

PROBAT GO is realized in individual expansion stages. After completion of the last construction phase in summer 2022, the opening of the new production site will be celebrated. At CONNECTING MARKETS on September 21 and 22, 2022, the get-together of the coffee industry, PROBAT will present the new production site and make it experienceable.


In addition to the special significance for the company itself, PROBAT GO also has a signal effect for Emmerich as a business location, which will be significantly strengthened by the realization of the project. The clear industrial architecture corresponds to the functional task of the new production and manufacturing halls and considers the PROBAT idea of a modern working environment with attractive jobs by integrating an open and communication-promoting office structure. In addition, the modern factory being built on the PROBAT premises underlines the company's claim to be an employer with strong future prospects in the competition for the best talents in the region. The progressive factory also sets an international benchmark in the company's core markets, as it reflects the constantly increasing quality demands of customers on products and services.