Aside from various types, cultivation, harvest and different processing methods, you are introduced to the effects that different coffee types, variations, and roasting methods have on the taste in the cup.

Lunch together at Werk III

After a theoretical excursion about the roasting process, the actual training starts with a short introduction to machine operation and a detailed roasting demonstration by our trainer. Now it`s your turn: Under guidance, you get to roast the same green coffee and learn in which way single parameters affect different roasting results. In particular, energy supply and color-time correlation are looked into.

This part of the course focuses on the specific characteristics of different green coffee types and the correlation between color and time in terms of aroma development. You roast coffees from different origins to numerous results regarding color and time.

Lunch together at Werk III

During the concluding French Press tasting, the different results are explained and the effects of the individual parameters are analyzed.

The final day of the training starts with an introduction to the blending process. You learn in which way different temperatures, roasting profiles, color, and time are related. The differences between blending after roasting and blending before roasting are pointed out and discussed.

Lunch together at Werk III

A detailed explanation of the standard cupping procedure on the basis of the previously roasted coffees rounds off the three-day training. You learn how to prepare and execute a professional cupping session according to SCA standard. Last but not least, cupping forms and related technical terms are explained and aromas are defined by use of samples.

At the end of the group course Coffee Knowledge you will receive a participation certificate, that confirms the skills you have learned during the training.

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