… or why we’re not just good at making machines.

You have to love coffee to roast it properly, and you have to live and breathe coffee to really enjoy it. We are inspired by roasted coffee. Its wonder lies in its variety and the challenge of maintaining its consistency. And that’s exactly how it should be. Roasting coffee is much more than just a profession. You can analyse and explain coffee; you can blend it or glaze it with sugar; you can change it, refine it and tease the very best from it – its flavour. But before you can do any of that, you need to understand it. Coffee wants to be touched, tasted, smelled and enjoyed with all the senses. You know that. And so do we.


A passion for good coffee – it shines through in all our roasting processes and in every machine we make.


That is why you always have a good feeling when you are roasting on a PROBAT machine – because our passion is neither a mere preference nor an end unto itself, but rather the basis for a quality philosophy that begins with an innovative concept and comes to fruition in first-class workmanship.