Let’s stay strong!

Dear business partners, customers and friends,

None of us has ever experienced a situation similar to the prevailing one, and I never suspected that we would ever have to face a near-global shutdown.

No one can assess the economic and social consequences that we will further encounter and there is no option other than to make the best of the situation. At Probat, we tackle our daily tasks with courage and hope in spite of all adversities. In doing so, we always keep in sight the health of our employees and their families as well as the needs of our customers and business partners.

As an employer we have adapted to the generally mandated social standstill in order to contain any further spread of the corona pandemic. We have substantially reduced any personal contact at our locations and utilize all means to stay in touch with our partners and customers, without actually sitting together at one table.

We expect the restructuring and realignment of our operating business and all corresponding responsibilities to sustain our work ability. We are still available for our customers and partners and unrelentingly work on any order which was placed during the past weeks and months. Probat is well equipped to meet the current challenges. I hope the same goes for you, too and that together we will be able to cope with this global state of emergency.

Maybe we even manage to find time to do things, which normally easily fall victim to the rush of everyday life: Read a good book, spend time with your families and try to keep some distance from the now all-dominant subject.

Stay healthy, so that hopefully this year already we will meet again during a personal visit or at one of the industry’s events somewhere around the globe.

With best regards

Wim Abbing