PROBAT honors jubilarians and retirees of the last two years

Emmerich, Germany, November 16, 2021: PROBAT, the world market and technology leader in plants and machinery for the coffee processing industry, honored a total of 30 jubilarians and (prospective) retirees from this and last year for their many years of service to the company during two ceremonial events at the company's own conference center.

Wim Abbing and Gerd Gertsen with the jubilarians and prospective retirees of this year

Wim Abbing and Gerd Gertsen with the jubilarians and retirees of the past year

Within the framework of the otherwise annual jubilee and farewell celebrations,  PROBAT CEO Wim Abbing, and the chairman of the works council Gerhard Gertsen, this year for the first time addressed their thanks for their special commitment to a double cohort: Due to Corona, the jubilee celebration in 2020 was cancelled, so that the honorees and their invited guests met on two consecutive Fridays in the festively decorated conference center of PROBAT to celebrate the ceremony together with their respective colleagues.

Four employees celebrated 25 years of service and 16 celebrated 40 years of service, while eleven employees officially retired.

Wim Abbing opened each of the celebrations, which were also attended by the executive vice presidents and the superiors of the guests of honor, with a look back at his own career at PROBAT: "This year we are celebrating the "essence" of what has made up my working life at PROBAT so far. It is these people, some of whom have accompanied me from the very beginning and shaped my work at the company, who - despite having been with the company for so long - are still agile and flexible in adapting to circumstances. Everyone is currently talking about sustainability. Our customers are also becoming more environmentally aware and the demands on us and our services are growing accordingly. For PROBAT, sustainability means not only the development of resource and environmentally friendly complete solutions, but also, and above all, the cultivation of long-standing corporate loyalty, because for us, people, nature and the environment all belong together."

In the second part of the celebrations, Gerhard Gertsen, Chairman of the works council, addressed the jubilarians and soon-to-be retirees present on behalf of all company employees: "Only together are we able to be successful. This also includes the transfer of knowledge between the generations and team spirit, especially in difficult times like these. On behalf of the entire workforce, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you for your active support and many years of loyalty to the company." 

In conclusion, Abbing and Gertsen wished the departing employees all the best for the retirement ahead of them and a successful transition to a new phase in their lives without the familiar tasks and old colleagues.


The jubilarians 2020 and 2021:

25 years: Dirk Brinker, Gisela Gebbing, Guido Meyer, Frank Nikkelen

40 years: Gisela Berendsen, Gerard Bongers, Petra Bujar, Annemarie Döbel, Klaus van Genabith, Georg Hilpert, Berthold Hoppmann, Hermann-Josef Hülsken, Harry Janzen, Klaus Köster, Rainer Nentwig, Karl-Heinz Proest, Ulrich Roers, Martina Schaper, Thomas Stevens, Thomas Usarek

The (prospective) retirees 2020 and 2021:

Jürgen Altmicks, Heinz Angenent, Gisela Gebbing, Günter Hoppmann, Ursula Kock, Aloys Pfalsdorf, Rainer Strauß, Marinus Stroet, Manfred Tebaay, Johannes Vogt, Henrik van Waardenburg