P05 versus P05e: German Roasting Championships 2023 at PROBAT

Emmerich, Germany, June 1, 2023: From May 24-26, Germany's most ambitious roasting professionals met at PROBAT's headquarters in Emmerich on the Rhine to crown the best among them the German Roasting Champion 2023. For the fourth time, the world market and technology leader in coffee processing plant and machinery hosted the championships organized by the German Chapter of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). This year, the competition was held on a gas-powered and electric roasting machine.

German Roasting Champion 2023 is André Kirberg, who successfully defended his title win from the previous year. He best brought out the aroma and character of the competition coffee. He was followed in second and third place by Andrès Maraia and Nicolai Fürst, who came all the way from Colombia. What made this championship special: The roasting competition was held on a gas-powered and an electric P05 shop roaster, with participants being assigned to the respective roasting system by draw. In the end, however, this was irrelevant, because due to its extraordinarily flexible hot air blower, the P05e delivers just as precise roasting results as the P05 equipped with a gas burner. This was confirmed by the winners of second and third place, who each produced their competition roasts with the electric version. Powered by green electricity, however, the P05e is the more climate-friendly roasting machine. "We were welcomed at PROBAT like friends and family. To be able to defend my title in this excellently equipped setting and in the most beautiful weather makes me particularly happy," says André Kirberg following the award ceremony.

Green grading, roasting, tasting, and judging: this is how the competition for the championship title in professional coffee roasting can be succinctly summarized. Over three consecutive days, the 14 participants in this year's roasting contest in the PROBAT showroom competed against each other in sorting, identifying defects, and creating a roasting profile, among other things. They were accompanied by the international panel of SCA volunteers and the jury, as well as PROBAT roasting trainers Daniela Nowitzki and Ilvana Weiler.

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